Over 150,000 Visitors Flocked to Milwaukee for H-D’s 115th Anniversary!

Brew City’s black and orange party gave the local economy a boost and Harley-Davidson took full advantage of the long Labor Day weekend by organizing some proper 115th Anniversary celebrations in its hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Riders from all over the world flocked to Brew City to partake in the festivities. Between the live shows, stunts, races, and parties of all genre, more than 100,000 visitors hit Milwaukee over the weekend and the economic impact has been plentiful.

Kristin Settle of Visit Wisconsin says this is only a beginning. “That has a huge ripple effect that will be felt for a long time in southeastern Wisconsin. And of course, because Milwaukee and the locals were so welcoming, 150,000 people will tell their friends how amazing and fun Milwaukee is, and that will mean repeat and new visitors in the future,” she told the Milwaukee Business Journal


Visit Milwaukee, the city’s official tourism website, calculated that roughly 150,000 riders gathered in Milwaukee between Wednesday, August 29 and Sunday, September 2. Moreso, the tourism agency calculated that the entire region of southeastern Wisconsin benefited from the event that had a $95,000,000 impact on local businesses. Between hotels, restaurants, shops, and venues, Harley hasn’t been the only one to reap the benefits of its birthday celebrations.

This is how was in Prague, also there were over 3200 bikers!


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